Why tutor with Andrew?

writing-1149962_1920Because every student is unique.  Every student has different needs, different strengths, and different goals.  Working with a great tutor can make all the difference between an okay score and a score that gives you the best educational opportunities.

With over 15 years of experience working with students from all backgrounds and all scoring levels, I know what it takes for students to improve.  Mastering one of these tests is not easy and it’s not about “tricks”.  It’s about learning the test, learning the material, learning from your mistakes, and finally, learning to be confident.

Working with me will allow you take full-length, proctored tests with other students, an invaluable resource that most other personal tutors can’t provide.  You’ll take one at the beginning to see where you’re starting from, and then we will begin tutoring.  Sessions are usually once a week for an hour to two hours at a time.  You’ll have homework after each session to reinforce that week’s lessons.

As the test date approaches, you’ll take more tests, ideally three or four more, so you can learn to use your newfound test-taking superpowers on the actual test.  When the big day arrives, you’ll know how to handle your nerves and the test.  And when your scores come out, I’m confident that you’ll be happy with the results.

If you’re ready to start working toward that goal of educational opportunity, give me a call at 323-610-7639 or email me at andrew@summittestprep.com.