Success Stories

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all the work you did with me for the SAT. I’m beginning to get letters from colleges. The first one I’ve gotten was an acceptance to University of Colorado Boulder with a $25,000 scholarship. I checked the requirements for me to receive this scholarship; my grades didn’t reach the requirement for this much money, but my SAT scores greatly excelled the desired scores for the school. I couldn’t have done this without you and I know that our work together has changed my future opportunities.

Katie S (Marymount HS, ’15)

For the discerning parent pining to have their child attain the absolute top possible score on either the ACT or SAT, there is but one superior choice and that is Andrew McGlothlin. Beyond his expert tutelage, professionalism, and efficiency, are his numbers and they do not lie. We had tried the standard test preparer, and quite frankly, you get what you pay for. The adage is true for Mr. McGlothlin as well; though the price point was higher than the aforementioned, it was worth every single penny. Mr. McGlothlin is second to none and comes with our highest recommendation; he is the absolute best, period.

Adam & Janna C, parents of Sofia (Calabasas HS, ’15)

Andrew was a great teacher. Firstly, he teaches to the test. A lot of the tutoring focused on dissecting questions and answers as well as defining patterns to rely on. As a result, even if I did not know the answer to a question, I could still make a very good guess or even get the answer by process of elimination. Furthermore, by not focusing as much on the material the question covered, but on the type of question, I could apply his methods to every question on the test.

Secondly, whenever I got a question wrong, he reviewed and clearly explained the correct answer and the method he used to get to the correct answer.

Thirdly, he was skilled at improving my testing time management. We worked on strategies to work efficiently and ensure that I would finish the test or answer all questions I knew definitely.

Simply, if you want to improve your test scores, get Andrew the tutor. His methods and tutoring will give you an unmatched competitive advantage against the ACT and SAT.

Nick A (Malibu HS, ’14)

Andrew tailors his tutoring to the needs of the individual student. He is very personable, so it’s a pleasure to have him here working with our kids. He is reliable and professional. Finally, and importantly in this business, he is realistic – he will help each student raise his or her score, but he will not promise unrealistic gains.

Elizabeth A (mother of Nick A)

Our daughter lived in Sydney, Australia where there are limited SAT prep options. We found Andrew through a friend and he worked with Maggie over Skype. We were initially concerned that distance would make effective test prep impossible. We are very pleased to say that with Andrew’s help Maggie was able to increase her score by 300 points and was accepted to her first choice college.”

Greg B, Sydney, Australia, father of Maggie B (current student at NYU)

Andrew came to us highly recommended by a friend. He came to our house once a week for a couple of months and with his coaching and tutoring, my daughter’s SAT scores improved 290 points. His professionalism, calm demeanor and patience plus the weekly test and mock exams clearly paid off during a very stressful time.

Maggie J (mother of El Camino Real student, class of ’15)

Andrew is absolutely amazing! It’s hard to imagine anyone being more knowledgeable about test strategies and content. He knew how to break down every aspect of the ACT for our daughter so that she could maximize the areas that she was strongest in and build up the weaker areas. He literally knows everything on the ACT test backwards and forwards and can teach everything on any question. But equally important, my daughter really enjoyed Andrew’s sense of humor and how he made everything so interesting.

Allison T, mother of Claire T. (Malibu HS ’15)

Mr. McGlothlin tutored my son Austin for the SAT’s years ago and he received a “super score”. Years later after graduation from College my son reached out to Mr. McGlothlin for help with the GRE and the LSAT’s. Mr. McGlothlin is pleasant, always punctual, extremely professional and relates very well to young adults. My son believes in him and so do I, this is why I hired him to teach at our school as well!

Clara-Lisa Kabbaz, Esq.

President, Le Lycee Francais de Los Angeles

Le Lycee Francais de Los Angeles

I am thrilled to recommend Andrew . My son and I both can’t say enough good things about him. Not only did we see a dramatic improvement in my sons SAT scores, but he truly enjoyed his sessions with Andrew. At first, my son was reluctant to get tutored for the SAT’s, but as soon as he started working with Andrew he began to look forward to each meeting.
Andrew’s one on one sessions with him, combined with his method of administering many proctored practice tests led to my son to being prepared, confident and relatively stress free on his test days. His results exceeded our expectations.

I also appreciated that Andrew did not try and push us to do more tutoring than necessary. Being a neurotic mother, I was pushing to start the process much earlier and Andrew convinced me that it was better to start later than I had planned. I think the number of sessions he suggested was just right. We are very grateful to Andrew and wouldn’t consider using anyone else when it’s time to tutor our younger son.

Liz G, mother of Will G. (Oakwood School, ’15)